Brand Unique offers you replicas of various premium products with the best quality possible.

We are not selling any original products. 

Brand Unique is a well known online store for various luxury products of many brands. Brand Unique is not related to any of the offered brands. The online store was founded as a result to offer all of us high quality premium products, but only with an affordable price.

Our goals

As we just launched our site, we want to grow together with you. In addition to our high quality standards, we aim to offer you the best prices possible. As a result you can get your luxury brands products for just fraction of the original price.

As we were looking for an opportunity to bring joy and happiness to our customers, we came to the solution, that we should not add a high margin to our products. We believe that passion for premium luxury brand products should not mean that only some can afford them, but that everyone can participate directly. Consequently the price is only so high to be able to cover our costs.

Our products

All offered products on our site are high quality replicas. We only offer you products which can be identical with the originals. Nevertheless, minor deviations may occur. We are always striving to further improve the quality. If you are not completely satisfied with a product, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our employees are always ready to listen to your concerns and will also follow up on individual orders if the product range allows it.

As already mentioned, our primary concern is the satisfaction of our clientele. Accordingly, we constantly check the products we offer and show a high degree of goodwill in the event of customer dissatisfaction. Buying dream products should be a nice experience and satisfy you. So have fun shopping!